Health Benefit Savings

Discover three cost containment strategies that lower cost and deliver high-quality care.

Unlock Up to 40% in Healthcare Savings

Unlock up to 40% in healthcare savings with our empowering plan designs and active management approach. Discover how the following proven strategies can enhance the value of your health plan and benefit your bottom line.

Healthcare Navigation

Choose the highest quality care before scheduling surgeries, imaging, and specialists visits. Members make informed decisions regarding their care when choosing a provider with quality, cost, and availability information. By design, members who use Healthcare Navigation to select a provider are rewarded with significantly less out-of-pocket cost. In return, the employer plan incurs less cost by navigating members to top providers with better outcomes.

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a direct payment model restoring the personal relationship between patients and physicians by removing the insurance obstacles that often prevent providers from focusing on their patient’s overall health. When employers include DPC in their benefits package, members receive no-cost doctor visits and better care. In turn, DPC members have proven to have 20%* less medical claim costs due to a reduction in hospitalization, ER usage, and imaging services.

*Milliman Study/Primary Care is Foundational; Jama/Organization & Performance in the US The Society of Actuaries Report | direct-primary-care (

Prescription Programs

Prescription Advocacy and prescriptions programs source high-cost medications through various channels including manufacturer assistance programs, copay cards, grants, and mail-order pharmacies, providing employees with significant savings and often a $0 copay. Including a Prescription Program in an employer’s health plan significantly reduces the financial burden of expensive medications for both employers and employees.

Let Us Help You Manage or Offload Your Risk

Gain control of your health plan with our independent plan designs, utilizing cost-containment and transparent partners. Let Kimmel Benefits+ lead you to the best plan for your company’s unique needs.